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Dr. Karen R. Hickman
Assistant Dean and Professor
Interim Director, Environmental Sciences Program
(405) 744-5395

136 Agricultural Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078
Oklahoma State University

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Science Advisory Board

The Environmental Science Advisory Team consists of graduates of the OSU Environmental Science Undergraduate Program who assist in advising faculty with current issues within the environmental sector, including government and private organizations. They also serve as a "link" to the environmental science field for faculty and students.

Acacia Croy              bacacia@yahoo.com

Brandon Sloan          Brandon.sloan@qepres.com

Debby McElreath      debby.mcelreath@chk.com

Dejene Alemayehu   dejene@kawnation.com

Jaben Richards         jaben.richards@ag.ok.edu

Jeremy Seiger           jeremy.seiger@ag.ok.edu

Matt Pace                  matt.pace@deq.ok.gov

Steven McGowen      steven.mcgowen@ok.usda.gov

Phillip Kelley              pkelley@enercon.com

Savannah Richards   savannah.s.smith@ou.edu

Steven Glasgow        steven.glasgow@ok.usda.gov

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