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Interim Director, Environmental Sciences Program
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136 Agricultural Hall
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Oklahoma State University

Environmental Sciences

Past CAPSTONE Projects

Stream Assessment Report for the City of Stillwater, Oklahoma
An Inventory of Damaged Lands in Payne County and Recommendation of General Prescriptions for Remediation
Analysis of Lagoon and Field Application Odor Abatement Technologies for LMFO's
Analysis of Odor Abatement Technologies Applicable to LMFO Swine Barns
Characterization of Biogenic Emission Factors Relating to Air Quality Problems in the Tulsa Management Area
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation
Demonstration at Lake Carl Blackwell
Development and Testing of Forms Required by the Oklahoma "Registered Poultry Feeding Operation Act"
Development and Testing of Licensing Applications Required by Senate Bill 1175
Environmental Assessment of Kaw Nation of Oklahoma Trust Lands
Environmental Management Plan
Field Testing of Soil for Lead Using Rhodizonate Spot Test
Field Trial of Soil Sampling Procedures for Detecting the Presence of Volatile Hydrocarbon Contaminants
Rural Road Erosion in the Lake Carl Blackwell Watershed
Kiamanchi River Water Quality Monitoring Program
Kiamanchi Watershed Based Conservation Project
Lake Carl Blackwell Watershed Project
Meadowlake Watershed Project
Mustang-Tuttle Fragmentation Project
Oklahoma State University White Paper Recycling Feasibility Study
Phase II Stormwater Permit for Bixby, Oklahoma
Preparation of a Land Use Inventory and Identification of Potential Sources of Pollutants for the Pennington Creek Watershed
Windbreak and Aquatic Plant Implentation Project
Proposed Odor Abatement Plant for the Department of Agriculture, State of Oklahoma
Proposed Waste Management Plan for the OSU Poultry Research Facility
Reducing the Environmental Liability Associated with the Use of Denatured Ethyl Alcohol and Isopropyl Alcohol
Soil Based Improvements to Cumulative Risk Index Analysis
Stillwater Watershed Project
Survey of Groundwater Standards
Swine Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations- Waste By Pollution
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