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Dr. Karen R. Hickman
Assistant Dean and Professor
Interim Director, Environmental Sciences Program
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Environmental Sciences


    Watercolor is a new program at OSU that is being founded by two students from the Environmental Science Department.  Watercolor is a program that collects donated works of art and holds silent auctions at various venues across the state. The works of art are sold to the highest bidder, and all of the proceeds are donated to Wateraid America.

    Wateraid America is a nonprofit organization that builds wells and water sanitation mechanisms to communities in third world countries across the globe. Their main claim is that, "$30 can bring a person clean water for the rest of their life". It is the goal of Watercolor to raise funds to bring thousands of people clean water in needy communities. To learn more about Wateraid America, visit their website.

   If you are interested in becoming a part of the Watercolor team, please email OSUWaterColor@gmail.com, or join our group: "Watercolor" on facebook! Our first auctions will be held in the Spring, and the possibility of taking a trip to a community in one of Wateraid America's countries is also being discussed. Come help us make a difference!


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